Everything is Perfect

Written by:
Maxine Fawcett
Narrated by:
Anna Downs

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
9 hours 39 minutes
A captivating, honest and wry novel about a forty-something woman on the brink. Is it Peri? A midlife crisis? Or simply a cry for help?

Cassie Prince lives in a beautiful beach suburb with her successful husband Jon and their children Ellie and Danny. Life is perfect, right?

Except now she's reached her mid-forties, she can't help wondering what happened to the fun-loving, sexy and accomplished woman she used to be. This isn't what was promised. She's panicking about ageing, bored in her marriage, exhausted by her demanding kids, and increasingly torn by news of her sick mother back in England.

So Cassie does what she's always done - buries her feelings and ignores her problems (and does some more online shopping).

Then at school drop-off she meets Chris Lancaster, a charismatic widowed father-of-five. Soon she can't stop imagining romantic scenarios between them, even daydreaming of a future together.

She may have been spiralling these last few months, but now Cassie is convinced that the unsuspecting and still vulnerable widower is the answer to everything . . .

'Everything is Perfect is a humorous but also a raw, honest, eye-opening account of a woman staring down the barrel of middle age. It is not only an accomplished piece of writing, but also an absorbing, gripping novel about a woman teetering on the edge.' DIANNE BLACKLOCK
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