Endure: How to Work Hard, Outlast, and Keep Hammering

Written by:
Cameron Hanes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
7 hours 42 minutes
Bowhunter and ultramarathoner Cameron Hanes narrates his audiobook with guest appearances from Joe Rogan and David Goggins. Listen in to push beyond your physical limits and improve yourself by following Hanes's lifelong philosophies and disciplines.

“It’s all mental.”
I say this all the time, and it’s true.
If you believe you can do it, you can.
We all have virtually limitless potential.
Our bodies are capable of so much more than what we ask of them.
Take off the mental handcuffs, get out there, and start on your way today.
What is your passion? You can become better at it.
Committing yourself to fitness only fuels your beliefs.
You gotta believe to achieve.

Cameron Hanes discovered his true passion for bowhunting when he was twenty. Inspired by the physical challenges of stalking elk in the Oregon wilderness—traversing mountainous terrain, braving erratic weather, and evading his quarry’s even more dangerous predators—he began an ever-evolving journey of self-improvement. To become the best bowhunter of wild elk, to the caliber he believed he could be, Cam realized he would need more than archery skills. He would need the stamina and strength that could only come from an athletic training regimen of long-distance running and heavy-weight lifting. And every day for more than thirty years, Cam has put in the work, building miles and muscles, pushing through pain with a single-minded focus on the only goal worth having—besting himself time and again.

Part memoir, part motivational manifesto, Endure reveals how Cam—a self-professed average guy—put himself through the paces to live the life of an expert bowhunter, respected writer, and family man. With discipline, sacrifice, resilience, a hard work ethic, and a belief in his own capabilities, Cam not only accomplished his dreams but continues to surpass them. There is no secret to his success except relentless determination and loyal dedication to his own self-worth.

If Cam can do it, we all can. Everyone has what it takes to endure adversity so we can rise above average, be the best we can be, and enjoy living life to the fullest.

A Macmillan Audio production from St. Martin's Press.
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Raymond R.

It was ok really not what I was expecting though.

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Rachel H.

I understand he is the author but he is so monotone and it is in no way motivating. His words are fine but the tone of the book in which he reads is a snooze fest, needs life.

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The Narration of this Audio Book is very poor to say the least. It’s slow, boring, emotionless and definitely I feel anyway, was a waste of money. Like nails on a chalkboard. A friend referred this book to me as I drive about 1000 miles a week and go through a lot of Audio Books. If I could get a refund, I get one. Maybe the book is a better read but the Audio Version is horrible.

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W R.

Great book and I am glad it was narrated by Cameron. Motivating as hell. His mindset and determination is amazing.

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Just incredible. What an inspiration.

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Jill S.

This guy is a badass and totally inspiring. He kept me running my ass off on multiple half marathons. I want to listen again.

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IMDeaDly B.

Think it will continue to drive me and remind me to always work harder, the rest of my life.

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Not a Hunter here (as of now) and really enjoyed the book. Always enjoy listening and following Cam. Good read for runners and anyone looking for motivation!

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Derek N.

Great listen for anyone wanting a spark in their life.

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Josh R.

Awesome book, Like the No B.S approach!

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Jake D.

Loved it! Thanks cam

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Charles N.

Awesome life led showing what can be done with grit guts and drive

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Brandt R.

Couldn’t stop listening! So inspiring and motivating. Keep Hammering!

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He is a better bow hunter than a writer (haha), but what a great mind. I am not personally a bow hunter, but have been a hunter/outdoorsmen my whole life and so has every generation behind me. Cameron not only lights a fire to get your ass out the door but he encompasses, and shares, what it takes him to be a true American badass. He details his ‘inner why’ and struggle to find it, but he also encourages you to turn the mirror around to find your own purpose. This is more than motivational book; this is a biography of someone truly trying to live his best life, maximizing his potential in pursuit of his passion. The end of the book hit home most as he links his motivation to leading in a community, being a provider, raising the next gen with traits that are harder and harder to find. I was a fan before the book, and am even more so now.

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inspirational book. helped me realize that we have more potential

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