Endgame: A Nameless Detective Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2017
6 hours 25 minutes
The Nameless Detective has taken many cases over the years … and these two will test his agency’s resources.

The first involves a woman whose husband is accidentally killed in a remote cabin in the Sierras. The wife isn’t buying that he was alone, and she’s determined to uncover his secret and get closure … in spite of any potential heartbreak.

Nameless’ next case is a missing person—a person who was agoraphobic and never left the house. The husband swears that while their relationship was strained due to his wife’s condition, he was still in love with her. He begs Nameless to clear him and find his wife before the cops come for him.

Endgame is a classic Nameless tale―twisty puzzles featuring one of mystery’s best-loved detective.
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