Empire: A Novel of the Golden Age

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2023
13 hours 8 minutes
In Conn Iggulden’s new historical epic, join Pericles, the lion of Athens, on his journey to secure the fate of the Athenian empire.

Pericles returns home more than a hero: he’s the leader of Athens, the empire’s beacon of light.

But even during times of peace, the threat of Sparta, Athens’s legendary rival, looms large on the horizon. When a sudden catastrophe brings Sparta to its knees, Pericles sees a golden opportunity to forever shift the balance of power in his city’s favor. For sometimes, the only way to win lasting peace is to wage war.

Sparta may be weak, but their power is far from extinguished. Soon a ruthless young boy steps forward to lead the Spartans back to greatness.

As the drums of battle draw closer, can Pericles rise to victory once more—or will the world’s greatest empire fall under his watch?
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