The Emerald Tablet

The Emerald Tablet

Written by:
Andrew Clawson
Narrated by:
John Pirhalla
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
9 hours 37 minutes
An ancient Persian relic. A message etched in stone. A deadly quest across the globe to reveal the forbidden truth.

Recovering ancient relics for the Italian mob can be deadly. When Harry Fox narrowly outwits a thieving artifacts dealer to escape with his life, he quickly discovers he came away with more than he bargained for. The stone tablet with a strange tale etched on it tells of lost knowledge from the cradle of civilization - the ancient Persian Empire.

When the lure of lost treasure proves too great, Harry launches himself into an expedition unlike any the world has ever seen. As he races across oceans unraveling the truth behind King Xerxes opaque story of power and greed, Harry quickly discovers he is not the only one chasing a long-buried secret which stretches back thousands of years and ties to the father of medicine - Hippocrates.

Harry is forced to sidestep a shadowy pharmaceutical company's private security force while staying one step ahead of American and Egyptian authorities, all while unraveling a mystery which has confounded mankind for millennia.

If Harry Fox thought hunting artifacts for the mob was dangerous, he has no idea what's in store as he hurtles toward disaster to uncover the truth behind the Emerald Tablet.
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