Elvis and the World As It Stands

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
4 hours 36 minutes
Georgina watches me. She doesn’t try to poke me or pull my tail. She doesn’t push her face into mine, and she speaks very softly. “Welcome,” she says.
Most shelter animals dream of going home with a forever family. But for Elvis, being chosen by Mrs. Pemberton is a nightmare. He’s been taken away from his sister, Etta, and is determined to get back to the shelter to find her.
In spite of himself, Elvis becomes curious about ten-year-old Georgina Pemberton, who builds LEGO skyscrapers in her bedroom while navigating her parents’ divorce. The longer he’s in his new home, the more he starts recognizing new feelings: admiration for Georgina’s
creations, affection for the other pets, and even empathy for the Pembertons—despite his longing for Etta.
As Georgina sets out to build her most impressive skyscrapers yet, the Twin Towers, Elvis realizes that maybe both humans and animals have felt the pain of loss, but with some resilience and hope, we all possess the strength to rebuild.
“Elvis’s journey is sweet and funny and profound.”—Eliot Schrefer, National Book Award finalist
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