Elmer Gantry

Written by:
Sinclair Lewis
Narrated by:
Adam Sims

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
17 hours 13 minutes
A blistering rebuke of religious hypocrisy, Elmer Gantry is the story of a charismatic and manipulative social climber who rises to power within his church, despite his insincerity. Though he preaches against immorality and temptation, Reverend Dr Elmer Gantry can’t seem to give up his own vices, and he leaves a trail of broken people behind him in his pursuit of pleasure and power, betraying anybody and doing anything to get ahead. Published in 1927, the novel created a furore upon its publication, resulting in threats of violence against the author, who was called ‘Satan’s cohort’. However, the book was a commercial success, and it is considered a landmark in American literature. It is recognised today for its prescient depiction of power and fanaticism.
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