Elijah: Noah: A Clean Army Ranger Romantic Suspense Book Five

Elijah: Noah: A Clean Army Ranger Romantic Suspense Book Five

Written by:
Bree Livingston
Narrated by:
Liz Krane
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
5 hours 53 minutes
Former high school sweethearts reunite in the face of deadly threats.

Taylor Mabrey loves her job running a satire conspiracy theory website. However, the fun stops when the threats being made against her become very real. Retreating home until things calm down, Taylor hopes to enjoy some much-needed time with her family. Instead, she comes face to face with Elijah Emerson. Elijah was the only boy she’s ever loved . . . which made it that much more painful when she had to end things right after graduation.

The scars on his heart were ripped open the second Elijah saw Taylor. He was only in town to handle his family’s estate after his mother’s passing. But his quick trip took a painful detour when his eyes met Taylor’s. Nine years ago, they were supposed to run away and start a new life together. Instead, for reasons he never understood, she ended things and left him shattered.

Elijah plans to keep his distance, to do what he came to do and leave. Yet when Taylor’s home is burned down and the threats against her escalate, his protective nature gets the best of him. As long-buried feelings bubble to the surface, dark secrets are revealed that leave Elijah’s head spinning. Will the looming threats against Taylor rob them of their future? Or will they find a way to forgive the tumultuous past?
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