Eldorado Red

Written by:
Donald Goines
Narrated by:
Terrence Kidd

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
4 hours 26 minutes
When it comes to fast, authentic, hard-hitting street lit, the OG godfather of urban lit was in his bag with this joint set in the streets of 1970s Detroit, where blood isn't always thicker than water.

Eldorado Red has it all-new cars, women, and plenty of money. But when you're the top dog, the sure bet is that someone-everyone-wants to take what you got. You just never think your own flesh and blood will pull the trigger. Now Eldorado's son, Buddy, is on the run. The thing is, Eldorado wants to let him go, but in the law of the streets, retribution has a mind of its own . . .
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