Editha's Burglar

Narrated by:
Katherine Moran

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
0 hours 39 minutes
Editha was a queer little girl. She was rather old-fashioned, as her aunts used to call it, and was always very fond of books. Indeed, Editha perhaps read more than was quite good for her. She spent the greater part of her time in the library reading her papa's big books and newspapers. Her most recent obsession, derived from her daily news intake, was the subject of burglars. One night, when confronted with a real-life burglar, and with the conviction that she must protect her mother from the fright of such an intruder, Editha took it upon herself to confront the unusual nocturnal visitor. Editha's Burglar was first published in 1888.
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