Release Date
October 2022
11 hours 21 minutes
Series 9-12 of the hit comedy featuring curmudgeonly author Ed Reardon

Author, pipe-smoker, fare-dodger and master of the complaining letter and abusive email, Ed Reardon returns for another four series. Despite many thwarted attempts at literary succes, he's still living a precarious existence with his trusty companion Elgar, reliant on any small morsels of work Ping can offer him to keep body, mind and cat together. He also continues to have regular run-ins with his nemesis, Jaz Milvane - who somehow manages to make money out of mad schemes, while Ed makes nothing - and his love life remains more than a little erratic.

Among his endeavours in these 24 episodes, Ed attends his first ever interview for a real job; finds himself facing homelessness as Stan throws him out on the street; enters the groves of academe as he becomes a student at 'Uni'; and gains a new agent, Maggie, who gets him a regular writing gig on Your Motorhome magazine. Can she help him to turn his fortunes around?

Also included is a special festive edition, which sees Ed spending the holiday season without Elgar. All he has for Christmas is a computer and a commission...

Christopher Douglas stars as Ed, alongside Stephanie Cole, Philip Jackson, Geoffrey Whitehead, Alison Steadman, Brigit Forsyth and Barunka O'Shaughnessy, in this acclaimed comedy by Christopher Douglas and Andrew Nickolds.

'Pure joy' The Telegraph

Cast and credits
Written by Andrew Nickolds and Christopher Douglas
Produced by Dawn Ellis

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 11 November-16 December 2013 (Series 9), 13 May-17 June 2015 (Series 10), 1 January 2016 (Ed Reardon at Christmas), 4 October-8 November 2016 (Series 11), 24 October-28 November 2017 (Series 12)

Ed Reardon - Christopher Douglas
Olive - Stephanie Cole
Cliff - Geoffrey McGivern
Ping - Barunka O'Shaughnessy
Jaz Milvane - Philip Jackson
Pearl - Alison Steadman/Brigit Forsyth
Stan - Geoffrey Whitehead
Ray - Simon Greenall
Jake - Sam Pamphilon
Eli - Lisa Coleman
Fiona - Jenny Agutter
Suzan - Raquel Cassidy
Maggie - Monica Dolan

With Melanie Hudson, Nicola Sanderson, Jonathan Bailey, Carys Eleri, Claudie Blakley, Jonathan Coy, Corrie Corfield, Felicity Montagu, Carolyn Pickles, Dan Mersh, Vicki Pepperdine, Duncan Preston, Celia Imrie, Phaldut Sharma, Joanna Brookes, Pam Ferris, Jack Farthing, Jeremy Paxman, John Humphrys, Divian Ladwa, Sylvestra Le Touzel, Maya Sondhi, Ruth Madeley, Don Gilet, Karl Theobald, Tyger Drew-Honey, Petroc Trelawney,

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