Release Date
October 2022
12 hours 2 minutes
Series 5-8 of the curmudgeonly comedy starring Christopher Douglas

Freeloading freelancer Ed Reardon is back, and still trying to survive in a world where the media seems to be run by idiots and lying charlatans. Success continues to elude him, but at least he can eke out a living teaching creative writing, condensing modern classics and doing a spot of celebrity ghostwriting.

These four series find him shouldering his share of grandfatherly responsibilities; taking up residence in Berkhamsted's premier accommodation for the financially distressed; rekindling a romance with an old flame; and curating a moving tribute for Jaz Milvane's 'surprise' 60th birthday bash. Meanwhile, Ed's cat, Elgar, finds fame with an internet blog. Could he become a more successful writer than Ed? (Quite probably...)

And in a special seasonal edition, Ed is hoping to spend Christmas Day in the bosom of his family - but will he end up alone with Elgar, an Oxo cube and a cinnamon stick?

Scripted by Christopher Douglas and Andrew Nickolds, this furiously funny sitcom stars Christopher Douglas as Ed, with supporting roles from Stephanie Cole as Olive, John Fortune as Felix, Barunka O'Shaughnessy as Ping, Philip Jackson as Jaz and Geoffrey Whitehead as Stan.

'Comic genius' Radio Times

Cast and credits
Written by Andrew Nickolds and Christopher Douglas
Produced by Dawn Ellis

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 6 October-10 November 2008 (Series 5), 11 January-15 February 2010 (Series 6), 10 January-14 February 2011 (Series 7), 3 April-8 May 2012 (Series 8), 25 December 2012 (Ed Reardon at Christmas)

Ed Reardon - Christopher Douglas
Olive - Stephanie Cole
Felix - John Fortune
Cliff - Ronnie Golden/Simon Greenall/Geoff McGivern
Ping - Barunka O'Shaughnessy
Jaz Milvane - Philip Jackson
Pearl - Rita May
Stan - Geoffrey Whitehead
Ray - Simon Greenall
Jake - Sam Pamphilon
Eli - Lisa Coleman
Fiona - Jenny Agutter
With Sally Grace, Lewis MacLeod, Nicola Sanderson, Martin Hyder, Richard Smith, Tom Price, Rachel Atkins, Rebecca Front, Nicholas Boulton, Dan Tetsell, Kim Wall, Tony Gardner, Rhys Rusbatch, Katy Wix, Emma Fryer, Henry Devas, Matilda Ziegler, Paul Merton, Geoffrey Palmer, Darren Boyd, Paul Sharma, Corrie Corfield

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