Easter Basket Murder

Narrated by:
Traci Odom

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
8 hours 45 minutes
EASTER BASKET MURDER by LESLIE MEIER: Tinker's Cove businesses are clashing over a new Easter Basket-themed promotion to boost in-store sales. When the one-of-a-kind art piece is stolen, it's up to part-time reporter Lucy Stone to investigate three struggling entrepreneurs who stick out in the local scene. But a huge town scandal comes into focus when a harmless shopping spree turns deadly, leaving Lucy to stop a murderer from springing back into action . . .

DEATH BY EASTER EGG by LEE HOLLIS: As Bar Harbor's annual egg hunt approaches, Island Food & Spirits columnist and restaurateur Hayley Powell is thrilled to introduce her grandson, Eli, to local springtime traditions. Keeping up with a rambunctious toddler isn't always sunshine and rainbows-especially when a decadent peanut butter treat kills the Easter bunny himself! Now it's up to Hayley to crack the clues and scramble deadly plans before it's too late . . .

HOPPED ALONG by BARBARA ROSS: Julia Snowden's Easter Sunday at Windsholme looks like it's been borrowed from the pages of a lifestyle magazine. But when a dead body is discovered in the garden-then vanishes soon after without any explanation-an innocent hunt for eggs becomes a dangerous hunt for answers. Julia must find out if April Fool's Day came early or if she's caught in a killer's twisted game . . .
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