Dwellings of the Damned: Volume 2: Another 15 Haunted House Stories

Dwellings of the Damned: Volume 2: Another 15 Haunted House Stories

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
6 hours 40 minutes
A second collection of stories concerning shunned and disreputable houses.


'Ghost Hunt' by H. R. Wakefield

Twice the ghost hunters had tried to find their quarry.

'House of Hate' by Allison V. Harding

An evil house begets evil dwellers.

'The House Beyond Midnight' by Allison V. Harding

A house that could never have been.

'The Corpse Light' by Dick Donovan

A sceptical physician and a windmill.

'The Blood Drips' by Dick Donovan

In an old, dilapidated house...

'Outside the Door' by E. F. Benson

Phantom footsteps heard at night.

'A Ghost' by Guy de Maupassant

A case of haunting in a remote chateau.

'The Red Room' by H. G. Wells

A haunted room in Lorraine Castle.

'An Authentic Narrative of a Haunted House' by Sheridan Le Fanu

A classic tale of haunting.

'The Unnamable' by H. P. Lovecraft

An entity that haunts a dilapidated house.

'The Evil Clergyman' by H. P. Lovecraft

In the attic of an ancient house...

'The Coat' by A. E. D. Smith

A curious item of clothing encountered in an old chateau. 

'The Empty House' by Algernon Blackwood

An abandoned house with a nefarious history.

'I've Got to Believe' It by Bruce Walker

A mortal's ghost arises from a thirty year's sleep.

'The White Villa' by Ralph Adams Cram

A night in a remote, haunted villa.
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