Dungeon Madness [Dramatized Adaptation]: Divine Dungeon 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2023
8 hours 21 minutes
'Expansion. Uneasy alliances. Looming Madness.
Both Cal and Dale have become stronger, each in spite of the other.
The dungeon—Cal—knows exactly how much their power has increased and is working daily to become exponentially more powerful. His schemes are becoming more complex and his dungeon—his body—more deadly.
Dale works to subvert the plans of the dungeon, but his opponent is onto him. Hearing a voice in his head distracts him in critical moments requiring him to fight his mind even as he battles deadly creatures. Unbeknownst to both, their fight is not with each other—it’s for the continuation of their lives.
Madness threatens the land, and it is coming for them.
Performed by Patrick Boylan, Michael John Casey, Ryan Haugen, Amanda Forstrom, Danny Gavigan, Tia Shearer, Katie Boothe, Robb Moreira, Nora Achrati, Ryan Carlo Dalusung, Matthew Pauli, Mike Ciporkin, Michael John Casey, Eric Messner, Rick Rohan, Mike Glenn, Kay Eluvian, Rayner Gabriel, Jessica Lauren Ball, Matthew Bassett, Marni Penning, Mike Carnes, Terence Aselford, Dan Delgado, Anthony Palmini, Elizabeth Jernigan, Ken Jackson, Samantha Cooper, Bradley Smith, Andrew Colford, Nanette Savard, Matthew Schleigh, Christopher Davenport, and Scott McCormick.'
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