Duchess By Day, Mistress By Night

Written by:
Stacy Reid
Narrated by:
Dennis Kleinman

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
7 hours 56 minutes
Georgiana Rutherford, the Duchess of Hardcastle, seemingly has it all—wealth, pedigree, and the admiration of the ton, except her heart hungers for a passionate affair. She meets the enigmatic and ruthless Mr. Rhys Tremayne, a man known to low and high society as the Broker. The attraction between them is impossible to deny, but she cannot be feeling it for this man. Rhys Tremayne has built his wealth and empire by dealing secrets on the black market of the London underworld. He is determined to take his sisters away from the depraved world they’ve known their entire lives, and the duchess is the perfect woman to help sponsor his sisters into society. The only problem is that he wants more from Georgiana, even if the social divide between them ensures she can only ever be his lover in secret.
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Lady Whitbrook

This was a definite love hate book. I loved Rhys! I detested Georgiana. The snobbery in this book was horrible and it went almost to the end, so it can’t be overlooked. This book could ha e been a sweeping FIVE star if the snobbery was not so long last I g and horrible with several key characters. Disgusting. However the steaminess was the best ever !! Stacy Reid is very talented and I adore her books, but the snobbery was such a turn off. And I TOTALLY disliked the narrator. It was the first time I heard him and I did not like him at all. Possibly read it for better enjoyment.

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