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The Drow Hath Sent Thee

Narrated by:
Devon Sorvari

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2021
23 hours 24 minutes
Her Drow Aunt is off the throne and all of Ambar'ogĂșl is looking to Cheyenne to guide them.

Can the Goth Drow find a replacement for the throne? Better be fast.

There's a long list of dangerous to-do's and not a lot of time.

Heal the blight. Take out the traitor in the FRoE. Break the rest of the curse on her mom.

Can Cheyenne step into her role as Drow Royalty on Earth?

Will Ba'rael's parting-gift poison ever depart from Cheyenne's body?
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Bryan Tanner

Another great book from Carr and Anderle. This is my favorite Drow book to date. The characters and story are excellent, surprises around every corner. Now I just have to wait for the next book.

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Craig H.

Cheyenne is back, can she save her mother or will Earth And Amborogul be destroyed. Cheyenne and her friends are tied up in intrigue and fights... but can Cheyenne ever shake off that poison. Will Cheyenne win in time.. or will evil take it all, and then there is the cliffhanger. I have issues with cliffhangers I prefer if a story stops at a semi-peaceful pausing point instead of being stuck waiting for the cliffhanger to be resolved in the next book. One problem with this audiobook is it is 23+ hrs long and you will not want to stop for sleep once you start. Another great book from the authors Martha Carr and Michael Anderle. Very enjoyable with enough action without skiping character building

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