Drink?: The New Science of Alcohol and Health

Written by:
David Nutt
Narrated by:
David Nutt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
6 hours 36 minutes
A world-renowned authority on the science of alcohol exposes its influence on our health, mood, sleep, emotions, and productivity -- and what we can and should do to moderate our intake.
From after-work happy hour to a nightly glass of wine, we're used to thinking of alcohol as a normal part of our daily lives. In Drink?, neuropharmacology professor David Nutt takes a fascinating, science-based look at drinking to unpack why we should reconsider our favorite pastime.
Using cutting-edge scientific research and years of hands-on experience in the field, Nutt delves into the long- and short-term effects of alcohol. He addresses topics such as hormones, mental health, fertility, and addiction, explaining how alcohol travels through our bodies and brains, what happens at each stage of inebriation, and how it effects us even after it leaves our systems. With accessible, easy-to-understand language, Nutt ensures that readers recognize why alcohol can have such a negative influence on our bodies and our society. In the vein of This Naked Mind, Drink? isn't preachy; it simply gives readers clear, evidence-based facts to help them make the most informed choices about their consumption.
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Dietmar B.

A must read for anyone who drinks just about any amount of alcohol. The narration should have been left to a professional. He is a good reader but his voice trails off near the end of many sentences.

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Teresa F.

A great book explaining today’s problems with drinking. I wish the currency was also in US dollars to clearly show the economic problems and alcohol. Also that government officials would take a breath test for alcohol before casting their votes. In America that one change of behavior could bring a true unity for the good of the people.

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