Written by:
Tracy Tandy
Narrated by:
Lisa Lindsley

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2022
5 hours 34 minutes
Nick is famous for all the wrong reasons. Sure, he has nine lives like every other cat, but when he settles into sleep to Dream his way to them, a mysterious nightmare blocks his way. That makes him an outcast on Earth and all the other catworlds, too. A twist of Fate sets Nick on a journey that will lead him to his first friends, the true meaning of loyalty, and into the streets of legendary Dreamhaven. On Christmas eve, Nick, Rose, and Smoke find themselves at the very heart of remarkable events that will change their lives and Dreamhaven forever. Set in 1840’s Europe, this adventure will take listeners from the Tower of London to a candlelit village where dreams are extraordinary and the boundary between Dream and Reality vanishes. Read by Lisa Lindsley, voice of League of Legends’ Saroka and Kayle. Dreamhaven is Book I in the Dreamhaven series. Moonwitch of Crushtide Island is Book II.
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