Dragon Point Collection Three

Written by:
Eve Langlais
Narrated by:
Chandra Skyye , Tanya Eby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
14 hours 27 minutes
Prepare yourself because it turns out the horsemen of the apocalypse are actually dragons and they've emerged from their millennia long curse because the end of the world is at hand. While they're being heroic-and arrogant-they're also falling in love.

Features previously published titles:

- Dragon Mage: Azrael needs Daphne to help him save the world. With two of the seven seals broken, they will have to work fast before a monster is released from its prison.

- Dragon's Jinn: Even a powerful Jinn can't fix Maalik's broken heart. Or can they? He's got three wishes to find out.

- Dragon's Kitty: Serafina is a treasure hunter, and she won't let anything get in her way, not even a horseman of the apocalypse and his talkative cat.

Contains mature themes.
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