Dragon Heart: Book 5: Sea of Sorrow

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2020
17 hours 0 minutes
While crossing the desert with the caravan, Hadjar got involved in the search for the library of Mage City, where the elixir that could turn a person into a god was stored.
After fighting against the desert bandits, he and his friend Einen suddenly entered Underworld City thanks to Serra's amulets. How many stories and legends he'd heard from South Wind and Serra about it!

How many times had he dreamed of coming there and talking to the Sage? How will this mysterious city welcome Hadjar? Will the underworld's residents become his allies or his enemies? Will he finally find out what the 'true path' of cultivation is? Will he be able to find the elixir he needs to become a god and make the Jasper Emperor answer for his mistakes?
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