Dragon Heart: Book 20: Last Day of the Human

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
17 hours 51 minutes
The comfortable and safe mortal lands of the Nameless World have been left behind. The petty kingdoms with their endless feuds, the supposedly great empires with their innumerable intrigues and tragedies, even the Strange Lands that consider themselves to be the last bastion of true freedom.

The Mad General has traversed them all, from one end to the other.

What lies ahead?

The road to the Land of the Immortals.

And everything that embarking upon this path will bring with it.

After all, even in the truly vast Nameless World, it is still possible to find that final border, the true end of the road. But if anyone thinks that this will cause the General to falter, make him lower his sword, they are mistaken . . .

It is as it was before and as it always will be. Neither demons nor gods, neither heroes nor villains, neither Time nor Fate will ever be able to break the iron will of Hadjar Darkhan.
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