Dragon Heart: Book 12: Path to the Glory

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
14 hours 12 minutes
When Boreas died on that surgical table back in his home world, his mortal body remained on Earth, but his soul, striving for something more, was reborn. In another world, he became Hadjar Darkhan, the son of a King and Queen. He had only his neural network and the burning aches and desires from his previous life to guide him.

It took him years to become the Mad General, a man who possesses a sober mind, a steadfast heart, strong hands, and sharp eyes. He followed the path of a warrior, defeated countless enemies, and he saw Death more often than anyone else in this Nameless World.

Now, there is nothing that could make Hadjar Darkhan tremble with horror. He survived the war for the throne of his homeland, battles against monsters out of myth, even the destruction of an ancient civilization's last remaining fragments in the Sea of Sand.

Answering the call of his dragon heart, he is ready to do everything to achieve his great, almost foolishly noble goal. He is challenging the whole world, and no Emperor, god, or demon will stop him.
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