Release Date
June 2020
6 hours 48 minutes
The passage of time hasn't healed the ravages of the nukecaust, but where once there was only the Deathlands, new centres of power loom above the domain of the unwanted, the hell zones of the Outlands. Though the outlanders distrust and hate the rulers of the fortified villes, even they wouldn't dare imagine the megalithic power guiding their destiny.

Born and bred as an enforcer of the villes, Kane is now a renegade who has seen enough of the truth to make him scared for the future. Along with his fellow exiles from Cobaltville, he must unravel the net of lies that has ensnared humanity. Now they must race to reverse an irresistible force unleashed by one man's quest for power.

In the outlands, there is nothing left to lose except the future...
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