Don't Look

Written by:
Alexandra Ivy
Narrated by:
Jim Frangione

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2020
10 hours 28 minutes
New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Ivy proves her powers to terrify and titillate in a thrilling novel of pure romantic suspense, as a serial murderer with a kill list stalks the women of a small town in Wisconsin. His victims' bodies are left naked in the snow with nothing but a red scarf around their necks--his sinister calling card.

A woman's naked body is discovered, cold and pale as the surrounding snow--except for the crimson scarf around her neck. The weeks that follow bring more victims and evidence of a terrifying pattern. The killer has a list. And every woman on it will get what she deserves...

Dr. Lynne Gale followed in her father's footsteps to become a vet in Pike, Wisconsin. For years, she's had little contact with Kir Jansen, son of the town's late sheriff. Suddenly he's back, insisting that Lynne's in danger. She can't believe anyone would target her, but someone is hunting the women of Pike, savoring every last moment.

Kir hoped that his father's frantic calls about a serial killer were just an old man's delusions. But the body count doesn't lie. In this quiet town, a monster stalks and kills. And soon, Lynne's will be the last name on his list...
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Cat T.

the "love story" seemed so unnecessary and distracted from the storyline.

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Great book

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Ashley K.

Amazing!! I couldn’t wait to read the 2nd book in this series. Highly recommend

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Kristen L.

This book had an okay story, nothing to write home about, but it might have been more interesting with a different reader. The narrator made every sentence of the book "high drama" like every single word of the story was the most important and suspenseful word of the story. It was exhausting. I do agree that this was a romance novel disguising as a crime/horror novel with the narrator doing his damdest to make it sound like a riveting crime/horror/suspense novel. Still, for a romance story, it could have been a decent story if it hadn't had just allowed itself to be what it was.

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Alexander S.

If you're looking for a compelling and gripping crime/horror novel, this is not the one for you. A romance novel masquerading as a crime novel, Don't Look will hold your hand and assume you have the literary prowess of a 7th grader in the middle of their second year of 7th grade. On the other hand, if you want a book that will make you laugh in the way a cheap B film would, you will find several chuckles here. Overall, I would not recommend this book, and am baffled by it's current 4.5/5 rating.

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Tamra Whitener

An intriguing tale of murder and mayhem. The characters were believable and engaging. The story flowed smoothly and kept me captivated throughout. I have to confess I had no clue who the killer was, not that I didn't try. As for the narrator he did a very good job. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good romantic suspense.

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Loved this! Good story and the little romance was a pleasant surprise. Would definitely recommend

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Martin L.

Very well written and very good listen

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It was a little better than good. It dragged a smidge but I made it through and was wanting to listen each day on my commute

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Lauri C.

The story line kept me guessing but the sex scene was way over the top which was not necessary. The author did a good job hiding who the killer really was.

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Laura S.

I enjoyed this book. Good story line that kept me engaged. Overall I would recommend.

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