Don't Go Down There

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
4 hours 32 minutes
When Andi Edwards discovers her husband Spencer isn’t where he’s supposed to be and isn’t answering her calls or texts, a flurry of scenarios races through her mind. Is he hurt? Is he cheating? Is he dead? The truth, she soon finds out, is so much worse than she could’ve imagined. As she struggles to make sense of her new and chilling reality, she must decide whether to stand by the man she loves and help protect him or walk away and let him pay for his sins. With time running out, the secret he has locked in their basement becomes more dangerous, and the spine-chilling truth becomes clear: if she makes the wrong decision, she stands to lose much more than her marriage. When their best laid plans come back to haunt them, what will Spencer and Andi be willing to sacrifice to survive?
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Melissa D.

Very entertaining but missed the mark

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