Don't Cry for Me: A Novel

Written by:
Daniel Black
Narrated by:
Daniel Black
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2022
7 hours 28 minutes

"Don't Cry for Me is a perfect song."—Jesmyn Ward

A Black father makes amends with his gay son through letters written on his deathbed in this wise and penetrating novel of empathy and forgiveness, for fans of Ta-Nehisi Coates, Robert Jones Jr. and Alice Walker

As Jacob lies dying, he begins to write a letter to his only son, Isaac. They have not met or spoken in many years, and there are things that Isaac must know. Stories about his ancestral legacy in rural Arkansas that extend back to slavery. Secrets from Jacob's tumultuous relationship with Isaac's mother and the shame he carries from the dissolution of their family. Tragedies that informed Jacob's role as a father and his reaction to Isaac's being gay.

But most of all, Jacob must share with Isaac the unspoken truths that reside in his heart. He must give voice to the trauma that Isaac has inherited. And he must create a space for the two to find peace. 

With piercing insight and profound empathy, acclaimed author Daniel Black illuminates the lived experiences of Black fathers and queer sons, offering an authentic and ultimately hopeful portrait of reckoning and reconciliation. Spare as it is sweeping, poetic as it is compulsively readable, Don't Cry for Me is a monumental novel about one family grappling with love's hard edges and the unexpected places where hope and healing take flight.
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Latoya L.

A Black father, Jacob tries to make amends with his gay son, Issac through letters written on his deathbed. He goes through the stages of grief as though he lost something. He always reverts back to when he talked to his son about women, then seeing him under a tree with another boy kissing. He waited and waited for his son to tell his truth. Meanwhile pushing him away from him by suggesting him being with a woman and starting a family. Issac moves away, like most guys and lives the life he always wanted judgment free. All attempts of trying to level with his son fell upon deaf ears. Giving him his ancestral home, which Issac rejected. When Isaac's mother was dying, they were able to talk briefly but Jacob wasn't brave enough to just let him know that he loved and accepted him as he was. Isaac's mother pleaded for him on her death bed to reach out to their son because Issac thought his dad didn't like him. This was even up until he died. He attempted but never acted on it. The author did a great job on highlighting unspoken truths and lived experiences of Black fathers and queer sons. I just hope that my community can be as open and extend more grace to ourselves than they do others in all aspects. Love is hard, but you'll be surprised at the unexpected healing and hope that can take place if we let it take flight.#Book33of2022 #BookWorm #Whatsnext

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Yanna M.

An absolutely incredible book. Awestruck.

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Denise H.

This was a beautiful story of word's not spoken and love lost. So many times as adults we feel as if the child should humble themselves to the adult but there are times when the adult needs to humble themselves. So much needed time was lost due to the father not wanting to accept the humility. This was a great story that should be shared with all.

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