Dog Training Guide for Kids: How to Train Your Dog or Puppy for Children, Following a Beginners Step-By-Step guide: Includes Potty Training, 101 Dog Tricks, Socializing Skills, and More.

Written by:
Lucy Williams
Narrated by:
Bruno Joshua

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
1 hour 5 minutes
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Did you know that dog training is a great way to build a strong relationship between your child and the family dog?
This way, your kid will learn how to clearly communicate with the dog, and the dog will learn how to respond to your child’s cues, and not just from adults in the household. And, as dogs need to be fed, groomed, and exercised, getting your child involved in dog training at an early age is also the easiest way to teach them about responsibilities.
However, the full responsibility of dog training should still remain with you. This is why it makes sense to learn everything you can about child-appropriate dog training, so you can safely guide your child and dog during this journey.
And this is where Lucy Williams’ “Dog Training Guide for Kids” comes in handy! In this audiobook, you will learn how to help your child in training your dog or puppy using practical step-by-step guidelines that are perfect for beginners!
Over the course of this comprehensive guide, your child will:
• Stay safe and engaged by learning all about age-appropriate ways to train their dogs
• Effortlessly understand what their dog’s non-verbal communication means
• Have the perfect, most well-behaved dog in just a few weeks using proven tips
• Effectively socialize their anxious or aggressive dog in a few simple, but effective steps
• And so much more!
“Dog Training Guide for Kids” takes every angle into account. With the help of this guide, your dog will be able to establish a strong bond with your child, all while respecting their authority and boundaries.
In this audiobook, your child will become well-versed in dog training and even learn to teach your best friend over 100 amazing tricks!
Scroll up, Click on “Buy Now”, and Have Your Child Bond with Your Dog Today!
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Profile Avatar
Lucy G.

I bought this book, along with the audio version, because I have three dogs of various ages and breeds and needed some tips on the youngest of my pack. Outstanding book with great advice.

Profile Avatar
Caleb R.

All around great book for new dog owners, whether or not they are experienced. I am a dog trainer and this book provides A LOT of great info for me to share with my clients.

Profile Avatar
Peter G.

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of your dog looking at you like you’re an alien while you’re barking commands at him. Instead, get on their level and connect with them through the great findings in this book!

Profile Avatar
Callum C.

I was hesitant to purchase a training book for my new puppy, more so because I thought I needed a professional trainer to train my puppy (if I really wanted him to learn and listen) but this audiobook by Lucy Williams is amazing.

Profile Avatar
Adam F.

I don't often review things, but I really liked this book and even though it only teaches basics that my dog knows, and it's mostly for puppies. It really helped me understand how to train my dog and how to be patient and how to be understanding of a dog.

Profile Avatar
Joseph H.

Great book. Answers so many common questions and was very easy to follow.

Profile Avatar
Lewis Y.

Even if you’ve had a dog before, it can be helpful - but this book is definitely intended for those who’re new to raising dogs.

Profile Avatar
Samantha N.

Loved this book! Includes lots of great tips and information for new dog owners! I loved it, and recommend it to anyone who’s getting a dog for the first time!

Profile Avatar
Hayley B.

I have learned a good amount of things from this book but some things just don't work for my pup and this book is mainly for beginners but that's what I was when I bought this! But now that she knows the basics I wish I had a more advanced book. But overall it's a nice that for anyone that's getting a dog for the first time.

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