Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Beginners Bundle: Best Step-by-Step Dog Training Guide for Kids and Adults: Includes Potty Training, 101 Dog tricks, Eliminate Bad Behavior & Habits, and more.

Written by:
Lucy Williams
Narrated by:
Bruno Joshua , Lucy Williams

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2020
2 hours 16 minutes
Raise Well-Rounded, Respectful, Obedient, & Happy Dogs in Just a Few Weeks Using this Complete Guide to Dog & Puppy Training!
Dogs are known to be loyal, energetic, and loving creatures. Nothing comes close to sharing a strong bond between you and your pet. However, despite their inherently good nature, dogs aren’t born obedient and respectful to house rules.
Most people forget that dogs still need a ton of consistent training and supervision before they can be on their best behavior. If you don’t step up to the plate and become a strong pack leader, they will find a way to assert their dominance and take that place. Sometimes, a lack of discipline even results in dangerous behaviors that will result in your beloved pet being put away… and we don’t want that!
This is where good training comes in. With the right kind of discipline and enough positive reinforcement, you will be able to break your dog’s bad behaviors and stop their natural instincts from taking center stage.
Lucy Williams, a renowned dog training expert, is here to break the basics down for you. In her audiobook, “Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Beginners”, kids and adults like you will get the best step-by-step dog training tips and techniques so that you can raise a happy, respectful, and obedient animal companion and family member.
Over the course of this comprehensive guide, kids and adults will:
• Get straight-forward, age-appropriate instructions on how to properly housebreak your dog or puppy, without stressing them out
• Know exactly what to expect by learning all the evidence-based information about dog and puppy developmental milestones
• Have the time of your life training and bonding with your dog while establishing your dominance without breaking a sweat
• And so much more!
If you want only the best dog training and puppy training information, all you need to do is to buy this guide today!
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Profile Avatar
Lucy G.

The audiobook by Lucy gives a lot of advice on how to grow up a dog , it is a complete form A to Z guide. Perfect!

Profile Avatar
Caleb R.

This book has a little bit of everything, perfect beginners guide, for a person who wants to master first skills of dog training.

Profile Avatar
Peter G.

If you are thinking about getting a new dog or training the dog you’ve had better, strongly consider reading this useful guide first. It will save you stress and time.

Profile Avatar
Callum C.

Training a new puppy can be one of the most annoying parts of welcoming a bundle of joy to your new home. But Dog & Puppy Training Guide for Beginners Bundle provides a guide to dog training that works and is so easy to implement.

Profile Avatar
Adam F.

This is such useful, comprehensive, and practical advice. Trying to go at dog training alone is essentially futile, so accept some of the best advice you can get in this area. You’ll be happy that you did.

Profile Avatar
Joseph H.

It can be hard to train your dog when you and your dog don’t understand each other. This book teaches you how to learn to communicate more effectively with your dog, so your training time is cut drastically.

Profile Avatar
Lewis Y.

My dog will be really happy since I will be training him with techniques that are presented in this book. I love this book, it is very personal, looks like the author is speaking to me, I love this feeling!

Profile Avatar
Samantha N.

In the past I had some unpleasant experience with dog training, using well-known authors advice and couldn't really train my dog in a way I wished it will be. This guide did that 100% so I am really happy about that. Highly recommend this book!

Profile Avatar
Hayley B.

I had a few puppies in a past and never really thought about training them, they were very kind and smart. But since my very last dog came home, it is like a disaster. Biting, destroying everything, pissing on shoes and so on. So I started to look for information, this book came to the screen while I was searching on for some good content, so I thought why not. And it is really great, I was able to manage my dog and control his bag behaviors, of course it took a lot of my time but it was worth it. Recommend!

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