Does Evil Disprove God?

Written by:
Robert Lawrence Kuhn
Narrated by:
Robert L. Kuhn

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2019
1 hour 21 minutes
How do you know whether there is a God?

Whether you're a believer or nonbeliever, you've undoubtedly struggled to understand the existence of evil in our world. Now, in light of huge strides in psychology and neuroscience, this compelling series invites you to reconsider the problem of evil with today's leading minds.

In simplest terms, the "problem of evil" questions whether an almighty, all-knowing, and benevolent God can coexist with the evil we witness in the world. For Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike, the debate around evil has yielded fascinating philosophical arguments - in theology as well as ethics.

As you listen to this series of 15 one-on-one interviews, you will explore the most profound questions about God and creation. How do we distinguish between natural evil and moral evil? Does original sin explain everything? Why didn't God prevent the Holocaust? What are we to make of Hell? And where does free will fit in?

One of the most interesting takes on the problem of evil belongs to the philosopher Richard Swinburne. His 2013 book Mind, Brain, and Free Will uses neuroscience to argue that humans have free will to choose between good and evil. You will hear from Swinburne in episodes one and two of this series.

Now is your chance to learn more about how the latest scientific advances are shedding light on the "Epicurean paradox". This dazzling series will revolutionize your understanding of the problem of evil.

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