Discover Your Genius

Written by:
Michael Gelb
Narrated by:
Michael Gelb

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2005
6 hours 16 minutes
Imagine unleashing your creativity by letting your imagination enjoy the benefits of the type of mental play that helped inspire the theory of relativity. Or evaluating your business climate with the combination of keen observation and an open mind that yielded the theory of evolution. Or navigating your life path with the same love of knowledge and truth that spawned all of Western philosophy. The individuals behind these revolutions of thought live on in our collective memory as models for tackling the challenges that lie ahead. The difference between your mind and theirs is smaller than you think, and is determined less by inborn capacity than by passion, focus, and strategy -- all of which are yours to develop.Everyone has the potential for genius. The full expression of your unique genius awaits you in these pages! In Discover Your Genius, Michael J. Gelb draws upon the wellspring of history's most revolutionary minds to guide you to unleash your own creativity through mental play. Searching for the most world- shaking ideas, discoveries, and innovations, Gelb assembled a ''genius dream team'' comprising ten individuals, each of whom embodies a special ''genius'' characteristic that you are invited to integrate into daily life. They are:
- Plato-Deepening your love of wisdom- Filippo Brunelleschi-Expanding your perspective- Christopher Columbus-Going perpendicular: strengthening your vision, optimism, and courage- Nicholas Copernicus-Reorganizing your vision of the world- Queen Elizabeth I-Wielding your power with balance and effectiveness- William Shakespeare-Cultivating your emotional intelligence- Thomas Jefferson-Celebrating your freedom in the pursuit of happiness- Charles Darwin-Developing your power of observation and cultivating an open mind- Mahatma Gandhi-Applying the principles of spiritual genius to harmonize spirit, mind, and body- Albert Einstein-Unleashing your imagination and ''combinatory play''
Through fascinating, accessible biographies, you'll develop a personal relationship with each genius and learn how to use his or her guiding principle to enrich the quality of your life. Personal self-assessments will help you gauge how each principle is working in your own life, followed by a series of practical and vibrant exercises to help you develop each principle fully.In How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci, Gelb taught us how to unlock the ''da Vincian'' genius inside us. Now he provides an enlightening plan for personal and professional development by encouraging us to apply the wisdom of ten of history's greatest minds. Engaging and practical, Discover Your Genius gives us the tools to improve our own mental abilities by making ''genius thinking'' accessible and fun!
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I didn't get past disc one. I kept trying to get into it, but I just couldn't.

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I really appreciated learning the history of the 10 geniuses. I also appreciated most of the "exercises" that followed each genius discussion. My favorite was the exercise following Albert Einstein. There was a lot for me to learn from the 10 people discussed in this book.

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Ann Luna

I enjoyed this book, the historical references and found that I learned some things not only about creative thinking but about what people in other times subscribed to as a measure of self improvement. I have been to Italy, seen the Duomo in Florence and still learned some things I did not know about the history on this Audiobook. I also enjoyed the exercises presented in the chapters. Good inspiration for creative writing.

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I stopped listening before the end of CD #1. I found this presentation to be extremely boring, which is unfortunate because the premise is clever.

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Dave Jackson

I probably shouldn't write a review. I barely made it through the first CD (and there are 5). First he lists very smart people, and tells why he thinks they are smart (so and so pursued knowledge). Then he listed their names and gave more detail why he thought they were smart. Then he provided an exercise. One was to focus on a candle flame. I've got better things to do. I'm sure some might say I need to "think outside the box," but this just appeared to be a very long title that had very little meat. I don't care how passionate, or how much you whisper to accent a topic, bad content is bad content. I took the first CD out, and instead of thinking outside the box, I put the CD back in it and headed for a mailbox.

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Pamela Buchheit

There are some aspects of this book I enjoyed and some I didn't. I really enjoyed the historical overview of each of his chosen geniuses. I learned a lot of facts about them that I didn't previously know. However some of the exercises were just dumb! I wish he would have concentrated more on factual evidence than his journals he speaks of. Nevertheless, I would recommend this book based on my interest in the history of those individuals.

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This book held nothing new. Standard pop-psychology was the main theme in this book. There were however some minor facts of interest regarding the 10 people featured

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