Dirty Girl Duet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2019
10 hours 24 minutes
Dirty Girl

Desperately seeking rich, famous, single guy with a giant c*ck to make my lying, cheating, should’ve-been-born-d*ckless ex-boyfriend realize what he’s just lost. Oh, and I give great head. Just sayin’.

No man in his right mind would answer that ad.

Except thousands did.

My name is Greer Karas, and I should never be allowed near another bottle of booze again. Because when I drink, my friend and I do stupid things. Like take a page out of my older brother Creighton’s playbook and post something completely asinine on the Internet. Waking up with a giant hangover to find my humiliating personal ad has gone viral is not my finest moment.

Cue my look of shock when one of the movie industry’s hottest new bad boys, Cavanaugh Westman, comes knocking at my door and drops his pants to prove that he does indeed have a giant c*ck.

What he doesn’t have is an explanation for why he disappeared from my life without a word three years ago, only to show up on the big screen two years later, killing bad guys in action flicks.

Now he wants me again.

What do I do now?

Dirty Love

Greer Karas has been mine since the first day I saw her.

I walked away because she deserved better than I could offer, but I always planned to come back and stake my claim when the time was right.

But true to form, Greer wasn’t willing to wait. She threw down a challenge, and I’m meeting her head-on.

I’m not walking away this time because sometimes you have to fight dirty for love.
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Selena Grcic

Of all the Meaghan March books, I would have to say it is probably my least favorite but still one I have listened to more than once. The narrators are my favorite pair ever. I could listen to them read a dictionary and still enjoy it. Although I like Greer and Cavanaugh and have no problem with them getting together, this story just doesn't flow as smoothly as her others. The second book in the duet is better than the first. I enjoy seeing these two characters "popping up" on future books she read. For that reason alone it was worth reading this duet to get their history when they appear in other books.

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Ann Dorothy F.

Sorry but no I really did not like the hero he is too forceful and a liar. I actually really liked the other books in this serie but this one just goes too far on the bad guy as a hero.

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