A Dinner To Die For: DI Declan Walsh Crime Thrillers Book 8

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2022
9 hours 47 minutes
After a fatal poisoning in Essence, the Michelin-Starred restaurant of celebrity TV chef Leroy Daniels, DI Declan Walsh and the team of the Temple Inn 'Last Chance Saloon' Command Unit find themselves in the middle of a multi-sensory gastro war, following an investigation that takes them deep into the dark kitchens of London, and a group of friends-turned-enemies all vying to become the next breakout venue--no matter what it costs to get there.

But Declan and his team aren't working together this time; DCI Monroe and PC De'Geer are in Edinburgh, fighting for their lives while taking on a notorious Scottish Firm led by Lennie Wright, a man from Monroe's past with a vicious score to settle, while Declan is fighting for his career, constantly harassed by the secretive DC Ross over the mysterious disappearance and possible murder of Francine Pearce, with Declan still the prime suspect, while also visited by an escaped serial killer from his past with a score to settle.

And as the list of dead chefs increases, with unseen connections between Edinburgh murders and poisoned food critics coming to light revealing the true targets, Declan and his colleagues must finally come together to not only solve a series of impossible murders, but also stop the killer before they poison not only Charles Baker, the bookies' choice for new Prime Minister, and also the Queen herself at a State Dinner...

The eighth book in a series of procedural crime thrillers by #1 New York Times bestselling writer Tony Lee writing as Jack Gatland, A Dinner To Die For is perfect for fans of J.D Kirk, L.J Ross, Ian Rankin, Rachel McLean, Alex Smith, David Gatward and Ann Cleeves, among others.
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