The Dinner Lady Detectives

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
7 hours 31 minutes
Murder is a dish best served ice cold...

In the idyllic, small town of Dewstow, Margery and Clementine are eagerly awaiting retirement from their work on the front-line serving meals to the students at Summerview secondary school.

Their peaceful life is shattered when their kitchen manager is found dead in the school’s walk-in freezer. The police are adamant that it’s an open-and-shut case of accidental death. But Margery and Clementine are convinced that something more sinister is afoot and take it upon themselves to investigate.

As the dinner ladies inch closer to the truth, time's running out. Will the perpetrator get their just desserts or is everything just going to go down the pan?

A charming, cosy British mystery, ´The Dinner Lady Detectives´ is ideal for fans of Richard Osman's ´The Thursday Murder Club´ or ´Murder, She Wrote´.
Hannah Hendy lives in a small town in South Wales with her long-suffering wife and two spoilt cats. A professional chef by trade, she started writing to fill the time between shifts.
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Sabra G.

Funny banter but not my cup of tea. Sometimes I had difficulty discerning between the lesbians, who was talking.

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Robyn C.

It was difficult for me to find the characters, credible. The plot is intriguing. The narrator acceptable but the Dinner Ladies characters are unbelievably unreal.

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Valerie P.

The narrator did a fine job on a book which was frankly boring.

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Absolutely glued to the story from start to finish and had to control my laughter!

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Reader had soothing vocal quality and delivery. Random gratuitous blasphemy and celebration of woke ideals. If that’s ok with you, it might be different. It isn’t ok with me, so I couldn’t get into it or enjoy it.

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Melinda S.

If the audio hadn't been messed up and could've been able to finish the book. Maybe I would've rated this better.

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Victor W.

What a cute story with colorful characters and a great story line. The narrator is British since the story takes place in England. She was able to make the different characters sound differently and was right on with the multiple accents of folks from various areas of the UK. Unfortunately, the male voices sounded female.

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Super easy listen! Ideal holiday book. Totally invested in the characters. Listened in 4 days while relaxing in the sun. Loved it!!

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Mike T.

Good easy listening

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Great narration. A lot of characters though. Good story line.

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A little slow and predictable but equally it was delightfully amusing at times.

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Frederick J.

I loved the idea. I liked Margery and Clementine, the bickering, in bed by 9 dinner ladies who become dumb but determined amateur detectives when their manager is found locked in the freezer. The plot has major holes, the clues are ridiculous, but the writing is excellent and it is a cozy mystery. I laughed all the time though, the book is so much fun. Jenny Funnell is a lovely narrator who has a great voice that helps the story come to life.

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Patty I

Narration was good. Fun book to listen too

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