Dilvish, the Damned

Written by:
Roger Zelazny
Narrated by:
Eric Michael Summerer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
6 hours 59 minutes
Dilivish, a half elf-half man hybrid, failed in his attempt to rescue a young maiden being ritually sacrificed by the dark sorcerer Jelerak. In his anger at the attempt Jelerak kills the maiden and turns Dilvish's body to stone and banished his soul to Hell.

It takes Dilvish two hundred years to escape Hell and reclaim his body. Dilvish does not leave hell unprepared. He returns with a number of very powerful spells and a faithful metal steed, Black who is far more than he seems. Together Black and Dilvish plan to hunt down Jelerak and make him pay. Heroic fantasy at its finest from a master storyteller.
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