Die For You

Written by:
Max Walker
Narrated by:
Javi Wilder , Simon Dornet

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
6 hours 52 minutes
TRISTAN HALL: With a serial killer's crosshairs on my back, the world as I knew it is turned upside down. The threats are real, the fear is palpable, and my survival? Questionable. Enter Gabriel Fernandez, a hunky detective-bodyguard hybrid with a mission to shield me from danger. Our connection is instantaneous, sparking an undeniable attraction that threatens to melt us both on the spot. But yielding to our emotions could jeopardize my safety, exposing me to danger. Our solution? Draw a line until the killer is caught, then reassess things. Except a looming question remains: What if Gabriel fails to stop the murderer in time? And what if our lightning-hot romance only paints a brighter bullseye on my back?

GABRIEL FERNANDEZ: As a detective in Stonewall Investigations' elite division, I specialize in high-stakes cases. My latest mission leads me to Atlanta, and straight into the life of Tristan Hall. He's alluring, captivating, and in serious danger. My task is simple: keep distractions at bay and ensure Tristan's safety while uncovering the identity of the Midnight Chemist. But how can I maintain focus when Tristan himself is the most tantalizing distraction of all? As the danger escalates, so do my feelings for Tristan, setting the stage for a case that will change both of our lives one way or another.

Contains mature themes.
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