Diamond in the Rough

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2020
9 hours 36 minutes
The secret world is being hidden by a vampire hundreds of years old—and her human frat-boy apprentice. He might shape up to be an asset if she doesn't kill him first. Between setting up the office and hiring new preternatural staff, with some surprising...talents, Taylor tasks Remy with a new case. She assumes he will stick to her instructions, but this is Remy: Reformed frat boy. Low compliance. With a desperate need to prove himself... Of course, he won’t stick to the plan. So when things heat up with the dwarven cartel—and the preternatural world order hangs in the balance—it'll take everything Taylor has to prevent the city of New York from being exposed to all she's managed to keep secret for centuries. Will Taylor decide that Remy needs to take the final nap for the benefit of everyone? Will everything go up in a frat-boy blaze of glory? What happens when Remy starts to get a clue?
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