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The Devil Makes Three

Written by:
Lucy Blue
Narrated by:
Inger Tudor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2023
11 hours 46 minutes
In 1837, Briarwood Plantation was abandoned when Ezra Woodbine slaughtered his fiancee's entire family. After nearly two centuries, life returns to Briarwood. But for how long?

Serena Decatur is a thirty-year-old Black woman trapped in a life she never asked for. Widowed, underemployed, drowning in debt, she is living with her in-laws in the small town where she grew up.

Bestselling horror author Jacob McGinnas wants to dig into the secrets of Briarwood and write a new book, perhaps the literary masterwork that will etch his name in the lists of great authors.

But as he enlists Serena's help in bringing Briarwood back to life, they uncover a gruesome history of hatred and evil in Saxon County that extends far beyond the gates of the plantation and through time all the way to the present. Serena learns horrible truths about the town, her family, and their connection to Briarwood. Jacob's writer's block is shattered and he feels a bond with Briarwood and those who lived there. But is that bond imagined, or is it something real, something much darker?

For there is a power long dormant on the grounds of Briarwood, and it seems to be stirring. When it wakes, will anything of the town survive?
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