Detective Inspector Crust: Three Full-Cast BBC Radio Crime Dramas

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
4 hours 6 minutes
A trilogy of thrillers set in Liverpool, featuring the formidable Detective Inspector Crust

Veteran scriptwriter Vincent McInerney draws on his lifelong knowledge of Liverpool and his background in the Merchant Marine in these engaging thrillers, in which the gruff, indomitable John Crust and his sidekick Minty probe the circumstances surrounding a missing husband, a stolen sculpture and a hidden treasure.

O’Rourke’s First Case – Made redundant at 40, John O’Rourke gets a grant from the Enterprise Allowance Board and sets up as a private detective. Hired by Mrs Rate to trace her absent spouse, he’s soon caught up in a dangerous scheme involving modern art, drug money and shoot-outs on container ships. Fortunately, Inspector Crust is also investigating, and monitoring the rookie PI’s progress. Can the redoubtable copper ensure that O’Rourke’s first case isn’t also his last?

The Finger of Suspicion – With the university rag day parade in full swing, Inspector Crust is keeping his beady eye on the floats making their way through the city centre. So when a helicopter suddenly appears, and hoists the Epstein statue off Lewis’s department store, Crust assumes it’s an elaborate student prank. But when the police receive a ransom note, together with one of the statue’s fingers, he starts to have second thoughts.

The Bell – Following the death of shipowner Oliver Bright, his granddaughter Elizabeth prepares to sell his house and possessions at auction. Rumour has it that among his worldly goods is a rare artefact saved during the sinking of the Titanic – and psychotic criminal Tarrant will stop at nothing to lay his hands on it. But Inspector Crust is also on the trail of the missing relic, and is determined to find it first...

Cast and credits
Written by Vincent McInerny
Directed by Shaun MacLoughlin

Starring James Ellis as Inspector Crust and Bill Monks as Minty

O’Rourke’s First Case
John O'Rourke – Ken Cumberlidge
Mr O'Rourke – Richard Tate
Chris – Maureen O’Brien
Curly – Dominic Rickhards
Mrs Rate – June Barrie
Ronnie Rate – Eric Allan
Bogger – David Goudge
Captain/Adrian Mince – Christian Rodska
Charlie – Jonathan Nibbs
Barman/Compere – Ian Targett
Scratcher – David Learner
Operator – Maryon Ellor
‘Just Another Night’ written and sung by Vincent McInerney
Musicians: Steve Wright (guitar), Dave Dover (bass) and Steve Bartley (percussion)
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 29 January 1990

The Finger of Suspicion
Guy – Richard Pearce
Colonel Rivers – David Bannerman
Malcolm – Kim Wall
James – Brendan Charleson
Mr Patch – Peter Copley
Julia – Carolyn Backhouse
Billy/Eddie – Christian Rodska
Mrs Rivers – Peggy Ann Wood
Arthur Frank – Richard Tate
Mandy – Cheryl Maiker
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 1 February 1992

The Bell
Elizabeth – Teresa Gallagher
Tarrant – Eric Allan
Father Kennedy – Peter Caffrey
Mrs Moran – June Barrie
Dicky Bird – William Eedle
Eileen – Sue Jenkins
Alf Gringod – Gerry Hinks
Mitzi Müller – Melinda Walker
Gottfried Müller – William Eedle
Jim Rawson – Sion Probert
George – Derek Hicks
First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 14 August 1993

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