The Destroyer

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2017
14 hours 55 minutes
After untold centuries of absence, the evil Ancients have returned. Their magic appears unstoppable and their hunger for conquest is insatiable. To protect the country of Nia, Duchess Nadea and Scholar Paug make a desperate journey to find a human legend: a man known to have destroyed these Ancient foes with a powerful army.

But legends can lie.

When Paug and Nadea revive their hero from sleep, his virtue is far from clear.

Is he really their Savior or their Destroyer?

Contains mature themes.
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Debra R.

To be fair and honest, the listener is warned that this book contains adult content, and yeah it could have been less explicit but get over it. The story itself is great. I was hoping for a happier ending but as I am now on book 2, I want Nanos to die very horribly and I hope Kaiyer beats the crap out of him.

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Ryan H.

I did not like this book at all, despite normally enjoying swords and sorcery stories. I had to listen to it at 1.5x-2x speed just to get through it so that I could say i gave it an honest chance. The main rub was that none of the characters acted believably. Beware to potential listeners; your eyes may become sore from all of rolling they will be doing as you listen 14.5 hours about a horny genocidal superhuman man and his sex objects (read: literally all main female characters and most of the other named ones) making their way through this unfinished and unsatisfying story. This story might be leading up to something more interesting, but based on this story I will not continue the series. The book feels like an author of smarmy romance took a shot at writing a fantasy story geared exclusively to unmarried young men that want to read juicy details about sex with elves and royalty. It seems like so much more attention was paid to telling us about sexual desires and encounters than was paid to the actual plot. There were a couple of decent scenes where an interesting problem was overcome, but those represented an depressingly small portion of the book. There was nearly no character development, and this makes sense in that the characters did not really act like humans to begin with. Like I said, this was the biggest rub for me. I have listened to a lot of fantasy and science fiction, and comparatively Destroyer feels like an ill-defined quest with few interesting problems to solve populated by wonky caricatures of people. The book closes in a way that resolves no sub-plots and feels very unsatisfying.

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Blake D.

Um, I did like it. I listened to the whole series but, holy cats, it’s almost grotesque in its wording on the subject of sex. I smh every time a sex act was described because it was often and repetitive. Otherwise, I enjoyed the story.

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Samuel G.

Great read

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Troy B.

Good premise but poorly executed. Set in fantasy world where no one has more than a 4th grade vocabulary,or even any difference between characters, socially, morally, or academically. Like the endless useless lists and descriptions of food, clothing and workout schedules, the sex scenes follow tedious checklists from someone who has watched way too many Red Shoes Diaries. The ending was unsatisfying, and even with the cliff hanger ending, I do not care enough about any of these characters to read another "book" by this author.

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Alan C.

The world building in this book is good at first, but falls off and becomes shallow, it had promise, but the thing that kills it is the fact that every interaction with the main character is not realistic.Every female that interacts with the main character immediately wants to fuck him, even when he's "as thin as a skeleton" or "looks like a crazy beggar" as the book describes him (I know he only looks like that at the very beginning but it keeps happening, those are just the crazier examples) or when they haven't even shared more than 3 sentences.The fact that the characters don't act believable, bleeds into the world building, I don't buy into this character feeling real, hence the country, place, title where he/she comes from takes a hit.This book needs less of an "everything and everyone orbits around the main character" feel.

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Honestly, this book felt like it had a few moments of grace, but over all was extremely cookie cutter. The support characters where bland to say the least. “ girlie princess” and “ tough princess”, “ old warrior past his prime” and “ arrogant bully worthless prince” are all so over done. Additionally, although I can see many young men relating to Paug in some ways, his lust for adventure and his drive to better himself based on what he sees as the idealized version of masculinity in front of him, it really feels as if his multiple chapters do nothing to progress the story. I don’t feel like he’s really adding anything besides fluff. The magic is pretty straightforward and so far hasn’t presented anything new, which is fine but fits into the cookie cutter aspect. The world building stands out a bit more by introducing random modern quality of life into the medieval setting like indoor plumbing, but is never explained so again doesn’t really add anything. The one saving grace of this story is the mystery surrounding the main character and his missing memories that slowly return. It actually does feel fascinating and drive me to want to know more about his back story and how he ended up in a magical sleep in the first place. Overall it’s fine. The narrator does fine, the book, characters, and setting are fine, it’s all fine. If you’re looking for a safe play on fantasy with a few smutty scenes in there, you should try it out.

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Just couldn’t get into it after almost 3 hrs. Deleted without finishing.

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Brian S.

Storyline was great with a lot of action and character building. The fight scenes were very descriptive as well as the multitude of sex scenes which I could do without. Overall would recommend and skip through the sex scenes.

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yeah not the best. Not well developed and pretty mich ever woman in the book is there for the sexual interest of young male readers. There's really no substance at all in this book. Even the unending sexual fantasies of the protagonist aren't even that great or believable.

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Steve A.

I enjoyed this book very much. I like the way the author describes the scenes, as in the battle in the caverns and with the ancients. Well done. The narration was great! He did a good job. I recommend this book.

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Crystal M.

This is an excellent series, with an interesting premise that will slowly evolve in the background. For the first 10 -15 minutes it seem clumsy and slow - this is because our hero has just woken up and doesn’t remember who he is. (So the narrator and writer sound a little caveman) Don’t give up - it gets way better. As for the ‘it’s offensive’ review, there is a content warning if you are a delicate snowflake. There is no more swearing, perhaps less, than a Stephen King Novel. Although I imagine they are referring either to the bloody battle scenes or the 4-5 sex scenes. Far tamer than 50 shades, and no where near as sappy as Outlander, it’s actually just a great story with a few detailed ‘moments’.

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Devon Wheaton

This is hard to review. On one hand it's actually a really good story that is fairly unique with an interesting main character. Then there's the rest of the characters that are so plain, boring and overused in every fantasy. Then there is the excessive amount of words/pages dedicated to sex and making the book sound like a porn. I feel like the author wanted to set up a romance with one of the female characters but couldn't decide which one so he just went with all of every scene, especially when it's not even remotely relevant. I'm not opposed to some sex scenes if they are good for the story or character development but this book is just lewd for the sake of being lewd. It's weird. But it was worth rolling my eyes through those scenes to continue to get back to the actual story, which I really enjoyed.

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Author seems fixated on sexual fantasies with the female characters

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good junk

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Dane james

Amazing fun book

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Tracey Z.

I loved this 04 book set. It was very interesting and compelling.

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