Destroyer of Worlds

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
7 hours 50 minutes
Every crisis has its beginning. For Adam Cain, his greatest challenge began in The Lost Universe and continued through The Immortal War. Now his nemesis, Kracion, is the Destroyer of Worlds, blazing a trail of death and destruction across the galaxy on his way to total domination. Opposing him are the mutants Panur and Lila, who use Adam and his team as blocking pieces in their desperate game against the Mad Aris. That may be an effective strategy, but it can prove deadly for Adam and his friends.

The game Panur and Kracion is playing is one of move and counter-move, of massive space battles involving super weapons, as well as more covert operations designed to deceive. And throughout it all, Adam Cain is right in the middle of . . . everything.

The stakes have never been higher, the challenge greater or the consequences more deadly. This is Adam Cain at his best, a thrill-a-minute space opera adventure, with all the action, heroism, and snappy humor you've come to expect from The Human Chronicles. The gang's all here, along with a few new characters you'll like . . . if they live long enough. If anyone lives long enough! After all, not everyone can be immortal.
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