The Destroyer Book 4

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2018
21 hours 36 minutes
The Empress almost has control of the world she was promised and soon her enemies will not be able to thwart her. There is just one man keeping her from her prize: Kaiyer.

Contains mature themes.
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Samuel G.

Great book it ended too soon will be waiting for the next installment

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Rene G.

Easy to understand and Follow I am a OTR Truck driver the Miles flew by

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Great book!!!

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Crystal M.

Excellent, it was nice to finally see things from her prospective for a change, although it did cause a lot of jumping around. Kaiyer’s flashbacks become so abundant as well it’s like Earle was trying to close up every loose thread. But then he hurriedly ends the book with an epilogue? Given that there are 4 more books on the way, I think he could have taken more time with this one and spread some of those flashbacks in previous books.

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Sean S.

The best series EVER

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Steve Large

see scenes were too much and it jumped around a lot but addictive I had to keep going to find out the whole story....ending needed a little more closure and the narrotors were up and down but interesting story and characters overall not a bad read

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John L.

Great series, sad this is the last novel.

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Doug C.

I loved the series. With that being said, it ended with so much left undone. Hopefully there’s more to come

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Craig G.

there was no reason to listen to the other books. the first part of this one is just review.

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