The Destroyer Book 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2018
17 hours 42 minutes
The country of Nia has fallen to the Ancients and circumstances are grim for the humans. Kaiyer must return to the broken castle to save his friends, reconcile his past, and find a way to break the hold that the enemy agents have over the country.

Contains mature themes.
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Michael C.

It was very difficult to keep up with the narration of her, it seems she doesn't want to open her mouth to speak

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Joshua H

Underlying good story, sex scenes are too much.... go on and on, really lets the books down in my opinion.

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Steve Large

Good story waaaay too many long sex scenes almost pornlike at times besides the carnal side show pretty good

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Mark L.

Good story, sex scenes distracted from story, to many and to long for the sex scenes. Female narrator was not very good and voice was way to soft and hard to hear.

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Marion G.

Tedious just tedious, it was an audio book version of a soap opera. The longer it went on the less things happened unless you like flashbacks into flashbacks of flashbacks. The gratuitous sex scenes were at the very least over the top and didn’t help the story. It almost seemed like he wanted to pen an erotic novel and throw some adventures in between.

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Allison S.

This sequel disappoints. Not all that much happens making this book seem like a “pass through” on the way to the next book. The sex scenes were way overdone and make the main character seem single minded and one dimensional. Loved the first book. This one was boring.

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Jeffrey C.

I did not know I was buying a romance novel. Fabio should be on the cover. Penthouse forum would love some of these detailed sex acts. If you have to fill a book with that then write trash novels. Everything else I enjoyed.

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Zion R.

The book is okay, sex scenes are way too long I just find myself skipping through them. Also, this new narrator is very bad and hard to understand. Should have kept the original for the whole book, not just parts. Almost couldn’t finish it.

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Even A.

The book is good, the female narrator has a microphone from the 1940s. How stupid.

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Lisa H.

I really like this series but i dont like the female reader its like something is stuck in her cheeks

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Crystal M.

Better than the first! I find this series and author entertaining on many different levels of the storyline. It has an excellent balance of action, tension, sex, and ‘don’t go down those stairs!’ yell at the book feel. There’s probably even a morality tale evolving deep, deep under the storyline if you dig.

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Mike W.

overall the book is very satisfying. The writer is great. But the whole sex thing gets overwhelming. plus the main character goes from derrrr what's sex to I want lots of sex all the time. I realize their is flashbacks but it isnt always pointed out properly. Nonetheless a great book and I recommend the series. This author will make many more great writings I am sure!

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Cahle T.

I have listened to over 1000 hours of audio books! The female narrator in this novel is by far the worset orator I have ever listened to........It is so bad I can not even listen to her chapters. She single handedly ruin this series for me. The sex scenes are completely unnecessary and so over the top I would wonder if this author should not write fantasy and switch to E.L. James style of mommy porn. Do yourself a favor and skip this series.

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