Design Like Apple: Seven Principles For Creating Insanely Great Products, Services, and Experiences

Written by:
John Edson
Narrated by:
John Edson , Erik Synnestvedt

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2012
4 hours 38 minutes
From his earliest days at Apple, Steve Jobs set the standard that all products should be 'insanely great.' Apple sees design as a tool for creating beautiful experiences that surprise and delight, but also convey a point of view down to the smallest detail-from the tactile feedback of a keyboard to the out-of-the-box experience of an iPhone package. This is no accident; the entire Apple organization is designed to give top priority to design considerations.

Design Like Apple uncovers the lessons from Apple's singular approach to product creation, manufacturing, delivery, and customer experience. Learn how design can create a competitive advantage by delivering beauty, ingenuity, and charisma. Get guidance on how to nurture taste, talent, and a design culture at every level of your organization. Help your employees zoom out to view the big picture, see the relationships between objects and the space around them, and understand the product's context so that they can design a compelling and infinitely useful system for your customers. Gain the courage to relentlessly prototype. And finally, find your voice as a brand and a business.

Bridging creativity and commerce, this audiobook will show you how to truly Design Like Apple.
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Ed Evans

Enjoyed Listening. Some of the "edits" caused some audio issues with the Narration, otherwise solid!

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