Desert Fox: The Storied Military Career of Erwin Rommel

Written by:
Samuel W. Mitcham Jr.
Narrated by:
Nigel Patterson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2019
11 hours 40 minutes
This is the strange and fascinating life of Erwin Rommel, from his days as a youth in Imperial Germany-when he had a child out of wedlock with an early girlfriend-through his lauded military exploits during World War I to his death by suicide during World War II, after he attempted a failed coup against Hitler.

Rommel was a man of contradictions: a soldier who wrote a bestselling book about World War I, a commander who went from commanding Hitler's bodyguard to trying to kill him, and a serious military mind who was known for participating in practical jokes.

In Desert Fox, author Samuel Mitcham (Bust Hell Wide Open) confronts the truth about Rommel and takes a close look at his military actions and reflections.
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