Demons: Myths, Legends & History

Demons: Myths, Legends & History

Written by:
Kiv Books
Narrated by:
Tom Chandler
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
1 hour 8 minutes
Have you always been curious about demons and where they came from?

Do you wish to understand the mythology and history that has shaped how we view demons today?

If yes, then this book will answer all your demon related questions.

Demons have been part of human history ever since we began believing in the concept of goodness by God. They are often depicted as evil, supernatural entities, and have been majorly featured in religious texts, most famously, in the Christian Bible.

However, demons have not always existed.

So, if you have the following questions:

- What are demons?
- Where did demons come from?
- Are there different kinds of demons?
- Where do demons reside?

And many more, then wonder no more.

In this book, we will cover:

- What demons are and their origins
- Demons as depicted in religious texts, majorly the Bible
- Demons outside religious texts
- Most well-known demons and their powers

And much more.
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