The Demon Apostle [Dramatized Adaptation]: The DemonWars Saga 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2022
16 hours 5 minutes
'The specter of civil war haunts a ravaged land. And a specter even more fearsome gains power; for the demon, though defeated, was not destroyed. And now its vengeful spirit has found an unholy sanctuary at the very heart of the Abellican Church.

As the elf-trained ranger Elbryan Wynden presses north to reclaim the savage Timberlands from retreating goblin hordes and his companion, Pony, mistress of gemstone magic, turns south to the civilized—but no less perilous—streets of Palmaris, they find themselves caught up in a ruthless power struggle to decide the fate of all Corona. A struggle that will push their courage and love to the breaking point...and beyond.

Condemned as heretics, the two heroes are hunted by dangerous enemies. The leader of the Church boasts a mastery of gemstone magic that rivals Pony's proven might. And the Abbot's right hand, the Bishop of Palmaris, has claws so sharply honed by hate and magic that no man—or ranger—can withstand their killing stroke. Then an unexpected twist of fate forces Pony to make a harrowing choice, one that may doom the world to demonic domination.

''Under the leadership of the sadistic Bishop De'Unerro, the Abellican church begins a stranglehold on the city of Palmaris, confiscating all magical artifacts and harassing the dark-skinned Behrenese merchant class. This reign of intimidation is not lost on King Danube Brock Ursal and an historic meeting in Palmaris is arranged between the King and the Dalebert Markwart, Abbot of the Church. But there is an assassin lurking in the shadows and she could determine the fate not just of a leader, but of a nation....

Meanwhile, Elbryan Wynden, accompanied by elves, Bradwarden the Centaur and Roger Lockless, finds himself on the road once more to the distant Barbacan, former home of the Demon Dactyl. Little does he know that on his trail is none other than De'Unerro himself, possessor of the Tiger's Paw...

Elbryan, Bradwarden the Centaur, Roger Lockless and the renegade Abellican Monks arrive at the Barbacan, resting place of the defeated demon dactyl and his nemesis, Avelyn Desbris. And that wasteland will once again run red with blood in a cataclysmic battle.

The showdown between Nightbird and the weretiger De'Unnero draws nigh and Jilseponie makes her final move to avenge the death of her parents at the hands of Father Abbot Dalebert Markwart.'''
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