Deep Trek [Dramatized Adaptation]: Earth Blood 2

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
5 hours 43 minutes
The lethal plant cancer know as Earthblood had destroyed life on the planet in a matter of months, leaving a barron wilderness road where markers are corpses and cities are death traps. Into this nightmarish world the crew of the United States space vessel Aquila returned, a world of grim hunger andd sudden death.

The surviving crew members reunite after harrowing journeys to find family and friends, determined to fight and defund their place in what's left of a world gripped by madness. Continued rumors of a secret military base in the north give Commander Jim Hilton and his crew new hope. But as they follow the trail left by General Zelig, they find they must cross paths with a paramilitary group prepared to claim the new world for its own.

Performed by Richard Rohan, Thomas Penny, Tim Carlin, Ken Jackson, Michael Glenn, Casie Platt, David Elias, Jason Stiles, Lily Beacon, Tim Getman, Steven Carpenter, Christopher Graybill, Nanette Savard, Elizabeth Jernigan, Sherri Simpson, Elisabeth Demery, Dylan Lynch, Tony Nam, Ren Casey, M.B. Van Dorn, Bobby Aselford, Eric Messner and David Coyne.
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