The Decameron

Written by:
Giovanni Boccaccio
Narrated by:
Various Artists

Abridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2000
4 hours 42 minutes
Here are sixteen tales from one of the great works of the Middle Ages. Ten young people have fled for a while the terrible effects of the Black Death in Florence and, in an idyllic setting, tell a series of brilliant stories, by turns humorous, bawdy, tragic and provocative. This celebration of physical and sexual vitality is Boccaccio's answer to the sublime other-worldliness of Dante's Divine Comedy'.
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I read this for the first time when completing my undergraduate work and must not have been paying attention. This book is scandalous. Everyone sleeps with everyone (yes, infidelity is involved as well). It makes the reader believe that everyone back then were a bunch of sexual deviants. I don't imagine people would while browsing see the title of this book and give it a try. Unfortunately, they would be missing out on some lighthearted fun. The stories are mostly quite witty and end with a lesson, however trite. The production is brilliant. There is an actor for each voice, making the stories come alive. I highly recommend this book for a lighthearted read.

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maria de cimini

Very well narrated and a pure joy to listen to. I just wish they had recorded all of the stories, the decamerone in full that is...

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I attempted to listen to this, but soon discovered that the Decameron is simply a series of medieval sex escapades.

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