The Decameron

Written by:
Giovanni Boccaccio
Narrated by:
Various Readers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2011
32 hours 48 minutes
The Decameron (subtitle: Prencipe Galeotto) is a collection of 100 novellas by Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, probably begun in 1350 and finished in 1353. It is a medieval allegorical work best known for its bawdy tales of love, appearing in all its possibilities from the erotic to the tragic. Many notable writers such as Shakespeare and Chaucer are said to have borrowed from The Decameron. (from Wikipedia)
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Fairly libidinous text - but a good translation of this 14 th century book - well worth a read. A variable feast when it comes to narration by multi providers - the good, the bad and the ugly - last four episodes are a case in point: sections 10/10 and 10/9 are well read and merit 5 stars; section 10/8 where English is not her first language has more mispronounced vowels than those correctly delivered 2.5 stars; and 10/7 a pedantic, over dramatised reading read at tortoise pace - a single star is generous. The whole work of 100 tales is split equally between good and poor readings. Despitethe poor readings, I like it.

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